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Jil Gyung Yi (Gold)

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Jil Gyung Yi (Gold)


'Jil Gyung Yi', a feminine cleanser made with love and concern for Choi’s wife

There’s a special story behind ‘Jil Gyung Yi’. Choi Won Seog, who used to own a bottled water business at the time, now CEO of Ha U Dong Chun Co., Ltd., was concerned about his wife who was suffering from vag inal infection.

As the CEO of Ha U Dong Chun Co., Ltd., I have dedicated myself to the development of our signature product, ‘Jil Gyung Yi’ to help women to feel happier with their body and achieve greater self-confidence,Until 2006, I was running a bottled water company. Through the bottled water business, I got to know bioorganic chemistry specialists who helped me start the development of Jil Gyung Yi’.

As I was running my own business, I spent most of my time away from my family. I went off to work very early every morning and came home late at night. I rarely had time to be physically intimate with my wife. When I did attempt to initiate one evening, I was turned down. That night I learned that my wife was suffering from vagi nal infection. I was always busy working and stayed away from home most of the time; I had little idea of what kind of pain she was going through.

She said she tried using all kinds of feminine cleansers and took prescription medications to treat the infection; however they didn’t help prevent recurrence. Because of the itchiness and unpleasant odor she couldn’t sleep through the night, let alone think of having any intimate times with me. She was becoming more and more stressed as her symptoms continued. Days went by when I finally decided it was time I tried something to help my wife. I started talking to the bioorganic chemistry specialists I had worked with and convinced them to help me develop a new feminine cleanser. There were several obstacles to clear before the actual development could even begin.

It wasn’t until I heard from my wife when I learned that ‘women’s body is designed to keep itself clean with the help of natural secretions. Using feminine cleansers or taking antibiotics can disrupt the natural bacteria balance because they can kill off the good bacteria too.’

This sparked an idea. I went straight to the biologists and we started developing a feminine cleanser of a whole new concept. 3 years later…
I still remember the moment when I handed my wife the preliminary sample from our first clinical test.
“Are you sure this is safe?” she asked, with disbelief in her voice.
“Just try it.” I simply smiled as I said that.
In just three days, her itching and odor dramatically reduced. Since then we had continually conducted clinical tests on over 100 volunteers.
It was her happy, smiling face that finally made me realize how fun and rewarding my job was.
Today, I’m still living a very busy life, but I’m happier than ever thanks to my wife and all the unexpected pleasures we can now share together.

I quite the bottled water business and am now fully dedicated on the sales of ‘Jil Gyung Yi’ which has brought my wife her confidence and smile back, not to mention the unexpected gifts that came along. I hope more women around the world can experience the same opportunities and rewards my wife had experienced.

With that goal in mind, I will continue to strive until every woman is happy and confident.

Choi Won Seog, CEO of Ha U Dong Chun Co., Ltd


Feminine cleanser “Jil Gyung Yi” is, unlike other cleanser, a scientific feminine cleanser based on the fundamental as known as “self-purification of the Feminin stuff,
” which indicates the pH control of lactic acid excreted by lactobacilli inside there.
“Jil Gyung Yi” is a medical drug registered with FDA, and is effective for cleaning , preventing vagi nitis and improving not only vagi nal contraction but also colpoxerosis.


  • Treating vagi nitis, vagi nal relaxation and vagi nal dryness
  • Effective for vagi nal contraction
  • Removing odors
  • Removing vagi nal secretions
  • Alleviating menstrual cramps
  • Treating urinary incontinence
  • Low-irritating (mild) cleansing


Other general feminine cleanser is focused on washing just like washing the hands with soap.
However, “Jil Gyung Yi” offers mild-irritant cleansing. Jil Gyung Yi is the functional feminine cleanser improves moisture, elasticity and dark skin tones.

    - Completed skin test (approved as mind irritant skin product)
    - Completed clinical tests (improving moisture, elasticity and dark skin tones)
    - Completed deodorization test (removing odors)
PROPERTY Light yellow rectangular tablet
VOLUME 1 tablet = 600mg
PACKAGE 20 tablets
SUBJECT At least 4 years old
DOSAGE 2 tablets, once a week (recommended to take before sleep)


Feminine Cleanser Made with Natural Extracts


Aloe Extract Angelica gigas Extract
Cactus Extract Sodium Chloride
Ginkgo Extract Collagen
Peppermint Extract Glucose
Centella Extract Allantoin
Sophora Flavescens Extract Magnesium Stearate


Safety Testing and Certification



1. Thoroughly wash the genitalia and insert a tablet into vagi na as deep as 2 finger joints. * Please wear a pad after inserting the tablet (insert before sleep for waste discharge)
2. Clean the genitalia under running water on the next day.
3. Wash the genitalia only with water when the product is not used.

(For children)

1. Thoroughly wash the genitalia with clean water
2. Dissolve 2 tablets in warm water (5CC) and gently massage the genitalia
* Fill water in a mini spray bottle to dissolve the tablet and then spray it to gentalia.
3. Do not rinse with water, dry as it is.

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Jil Gyung Yi _Gold_

Jil Gyung Yi _Gold_